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The Website uses first- and third-party cookies.

Cookie files (hereinafter, “COOKIES”) are physical files that contain information and are stored in the computer equipment of the USER unmistakably associated to this equipment and which allow the collection and recovery of information referring to how the USER browses through and uses the WEBSITE.


COOKIES are used in the WEBSITE: (i) to facilitate the fluid and personalised browsing of the USER in the WEBSITE; (ii) to facilitate and improve the access of the USER to certain contents and the use of the services that ALC makes available through the WEBSITE; (iii) to analyse the activities of the USER in the WEBSITE in order to improve it and adapt it to his/her needs; and (iv) to personalise the advertising directed to the USER adjusting it to his/her preferences.


The WEBSITE uses third party COOKIES (sent to the USER’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by another entity outside ALC) of the following types:

  • Preference cookies: COOKIES that allow the WEBSITE to remember information about the USER so that he/she can access the service with certain features that can differentiate his/her experience from that of other USERS, such as, for example, the language, the number of results to be shown when the user performs a search, the appearance or content of the service depending on the type of browser used or the region from which he/she accesses the service.
  • Analytical COOKIES: COOKIES that allow the person in charge of them to follow up and analyse the USER’S behaviour on the WEBSITE in order to measure activity with the aim of introducing improvements.
  • Behavioural advertising COOKIES: COOKIES that store information on the behaviour of the USER obtained through the continuous observation of his/her browsing habits, which allows to display advertising based on his/her specific profile.


The COOKIES used on the WEBSITE are identified below:

Third-party cookies
CookieOwnerTypeDuration Purpose
NIDDVCONSENTGooglePreference cookieUp to 18 yearsCustomising the display of ads outside Google and store information, such as preferred language when displaying search results.
PREFGPSCONSENTYoutubePreference cookieUp to 18 yearsStoring identification or viewing and search preferences for YouTube videos: preferred language, safe-search filter, etc.
UULE,_ga,_gat,_gidGoogleAnalytical cookie1 dayAnalysing user behaviour on the web and customising the browsing experience.
locsscuvcAddThisAnalytical and advertising cookie13 monthsAnalysing user behaviour on the web, personalising browsing experience and sharing the audience with third parties.
IDEGoogleAdvertising cookie13 monthsOnline ad targeting, optimisation, reporting, and attribution

Google and VIMEO

The WEBSITE uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service developed by Google that allows ALC to know how USERS interact with the WEBSITE and produces reports on browsing trends without identifying individual USERS.

The information generated by the Google Analytics COOKIES will be directly collected and archived by Google on its own servers. Consequently, the collection of information about the use of the WEBSITE by the USER and the determination of the purpose of processing and use of the information collected corresponds exclusively to Google, who acts on its own behalf, while ALC has no access under any circumstances to such information, but only to the aggregate and anonymous information that Google provides through its reports.

The WEBSITE also uses Google Maps and VIMEO services. The use of these tools leads to the use of COOKIES by Google and VIMEO, so that information about the use of the WEBSITE can be collected. These COOKIES are used to gather demographic information and information about the interests of the USER who visits the WEBSITE, as well as information about the use and behaviour of the USER within the WEBSITE, including information that links his/her visit to the WEBSITE with his/her Google and/or YouTube account, if the USER is identified.

Google Analytics
How Google uses cookies
Types of cookies used by Google
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The WEBSITE uses the services of AddThis with the aim of allowing the USER to easily share its content. AddThis uses cookies to collect information about the content it shares. AddThis does not collect personal information unless explicitly provided. Instead, a unique identifier is assigned, consisting of a random combination of numbers and letters that is used to distinguish USERS from each other.

You can see more information about the use of their COOKIES and their privacy policy at:

In any case, ALC does not have access to the information collected through the aforementioned third-party COOKIES, apart from the aggregate and anonymous information that, where appropriate, they make available, and these third parties determine the purpose of processing and use of such information.


Without prejudice to the consent that, as the case may be, the USER may give when registering to access the contents and services offered by ALC through the WEBSITE, as well as in any other sections that include mechanisms of express consent (i.e. Particular Conditions), continuing to use the WEBSITE shall imply the consent of the USER to the installation and use of COOKIES in the aforementioned terms.

Likewise, the USER is notified that he/she can revoke at any time, the consent given in relation to the use of COOKIES on the WEBSITE, by eliminating the COOKIES stored on his/her terminal equipment through the settings and configurations of his/her browser.

The WEBSITE is accessible without the need to enable COOKIE options. Nonetheless, we warn you that the rejecting or uninstalling COOKIES may cause the access to certain contents and the use of some services made available to the USER through the WEBSITE not to be fully functional.


The USER is informed that he/she can restrict, block or eliminate the use of COOKIES by choosing the appropriate settings in his/her browser program.

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For more information about the processing of your personal data on the WEBSITE, please refer to our Privacy Policy.