What does it take to activate a Just Transition? Teams in Debagoiena, Emilia Romagna and Silesia regions meet to share lessons learned

As we shared in a previous blog post, we are working alongside Climate-KIC and regional teams in three regions across Europe (Debagoiena, Emilia Romagna and Silesia), using a Developmental Evaluation approach to create a knowledge system and reflection on what does it take to activate a Just Transition.

In this collaboration, we have regular catch-ups with teams in each region and we also organise cross regions reflections sessions. Last week, teams from Debagoiena, Emilia Romagna and Silesia met for four hours with the aim of:

  • Sharing and learning what is happening in each Deep Demonstration
  • Start identifying connections for learning across Deep Demonstrations

We started the session sharing our biggest fuck-ups and understanding what has happened in each Deep Demonstration since the last time we met. After, we worked in three breakout sessions responding to the current three areas of work: Intent, Social Brokerage and Deep Listening. In each break-out session we followed the Developmental Evaluation approach: what, so what, now what. We started exploring what has happened in each region, we then moved into asking ourselves Guiding Questions to extract lessons learned. We finished the discussion identifying concrete actions and next steps that each team will embark on.

We finalised the session with every region presenting their asks and offers to others.

It was highly inspiring to hear everything that has happened in each region and it is exciting to see all the opportunities ahead of us!