Activation of the Basque Co-creation Ecosystem in Arantzazulab — Connecting spaces, knowledge and experienced agents in this field | 20. 07. 2021

On July 20, Agirre Lehendakaria Center took part in a session for the activation of Basque Country’s co-creation ecosystem promoted by Arantzazulab –Social Innovation Lab–, together with a large number of experienced professionals in this field from different action areas, including Apitropik, Artelan, Colaborabora, DOT, Elhuyar, Emun, Farapi, Maraka, Tipi, Impact Hub Donostia and Arantzazulab.

The session pursued two clear objectives:

  1. Connect spaces, knowledge and agents with experience in co-creation from the Basque Country so as to showcase the work, share resources and discuss what has been learned.
  2. Dynamize experimental spaces to promote creativity and generate new knowledge.

It has been a very dynamic and participative session where we have been able to reflect and share our knowledge about co-creation, from different voices, perspectives and professional experiences in various fields. This is a great starting point to generate future spaces for experimentation from a shared and advanced vision.

We invite you to watch a video summary of the session.