Aguabonita platform advances on the co-creation phase in collaboration with the community and opens a governance space with institutions

Practice Lab

In recent weeks, Aguabonita platform has made great progress in the co-creation phase in collaboration with the communities of the Veredal nucleus. Thus, we continue identifying the different multilevel initiatives that are responding to the narratives and perceptions of those who live in the territory in 6 specific lines:

  1. Food production
  2. Good lifestock practices
  3. Organizational strengthening of Junta de Acción Comunal
  4. Minor species (poultry, fish farming, pigs)
  5. Tourism
  6. Gastronomy, with the strategic support of IMAGO

Also noteworthy is the space for governance with institutions that the Platform articulated last September 16 and has settled with a new session on October 7, for the consensual identification of agents and institutions of international cooperation, civil society or academia. This stakeholders take parte in the territory with intervention programs for the improvement of the veredal community. The main objective is to establish a shared space for contrast, identification of synergies and search for strategies that complement and reinforce the activities implemented on the field. The governance space with institutions included the participation of Red Adelco, UNDP, the Entrepreneurship Unit of Amazonia University and the World Food Programme, with whom a work space has been defined for the coming weeks.