Co-creation workshops in the province of Gorontalo (Indonesia) — Social Innovation Platform in Indonesia, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub | 24. 08. 2021

Practice Lab

In 2020, ALCK offered a collaborative support system for UNDP’s regional offices in Bangkok (Asia Pacific) to co-design, implement and evaluate two Social Innovation Platforms in Indonesia, specifically in the provinces of Gorontalo and West Java. 

Currently, we are in the co-creation phase in both provinces. In this phase, co-creation workshops are conducted with a wide and diverse participation, where new ideas emerge and the initiatives with the greatest transformative potential for the territory are channeled. This sets up the basis to start designing the platform’s portfolio –understood as a portfolio of interconnected initiatives in 5 levels of impact that respond to ethnographic profiles–.


On August 24, two hybrid co-creation sessions were held in Gorontalo involving people from different sectors: farmers, fishermen, youth, women, representatives of local NGOs, SMEs, government representatives, etc.

In these sessions, wide range of ideas emerged for each theme, which have been divided into the 5 levels of impact: (1) community level, (2) small and mid scale initiatives, (3) large scale initiatives, (4) new services and (5) new regulation mechanisms.

1— Women and SMEs

2— Livelihood

3— Tourism and infrastructure