Documentary theater “Rumbo Desconocido” — New listening channel within the Getxo Zurekin project | 30. 10. 2021

On October 30, a documentary theatre play titled “Rumbo Desconocido” took place at the Sala Utopian Aretoa (Getxo, Basque Country). This play represents the experiences of the people from this municipality related to life, care and death. As part of the performance, people from the municipality together with two professional actors played the Game of the Goose with the aim of reproducing the multiple circumstances identified in Getxo.

It is framed within the Getxo Zurekin project – building a narrative for compassionate communities. In 2017, a community listening process was initiated in order to respond how people live in the municipality, in situations of illness, dependence, death and bereavement.

This documentary theatre is proposed as a new listening channel that gives visibility to all the information gathered through the collective interpretation process.