Mayors for Economic Growth Facility – Ukraine kick-off | 30. 06. 2021

The European Union, together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launches the new Mayors for Economic Growth Facility (M4EG) in Ukraine. This project will run for 48 months and it will support local authorities in Eastern Partnership countries to use innovative methods towards just and green development.  

“Cities play an important role in the economy of Europe and Central Asia countries, they provide 70% of GDP and 70% of the growth. They consume 75% of the resources and emit 60-80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The pandemic has most recently surfaced their vulnerability, the need for heightened resilience and is likely to have a long-term impact on structural aspects, spatial distribution and organization of cities.”

The overall objective of this action is to enhance economic inclusive growth and job creation in the region by supporting local authorities in the EaP countries to design and implement Local Economic Development Plans (LEDPs) in line with the principles of good governance and sound financial management.  During project implementation, the M4EG network will increase to about 400 local authorities, and 12 local authorities will go through a process of portfolio development. 

The main objectives of the country kick-off event are to:

  • Share emergent thought and practice on addressing complex challenges, and embracing radical uncertainty for policy makers. 
  • Introduce the Mayors for Economic Growth Facility; intention and key offerings. 
  • Introduce the Call for Interest among members to develop portfolios for urban transformations. 

ALCK has taken part in the Ukraine launch with Gorka Espiau as speaker on the subject of Participatory city: a space for innovations. If you’d like to watch the event again, click the link bellow.