Video of the documentary theatre “Rumbo Desconocido” — Theatre as a new channel to share testimonies and narratives with the community

Practice Lab

Fundación Doble Sonrisa, through Getxo Zurekin Project, has been collecting testimonies and narratives for years, with the support of Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALCK). The theatre has been one of the channels to share these testimonies and narratives with the whole community. To that end, was created the play “Rumbo Desconocido” with the collaboration of Utopian (Artistic and educational center for the performing arts in Getxo, Basque Country), which was released on October 30 with great reception by the people who had the opportunity to attend.

“Getxo Zurekin is a community project that aimed to make visible the invisible.”

Naomi Hasson