Virtual Event | Systems Innovation Learning Festival Climate-KIC

Systems Innovation Learning Festival with the Swedish International Development Agency and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Climate-KIC and SIDA.

Different Climate-KIC’s partners and colleagues came together for a week to explore together around systems innovation concepts and approaches. This collective learning experience aims to be about the application of systems innovation and hear from systems innovation practitioners from a variety of backgrounds.

On January 20th, 2022, Gorka Espiau (ALC), Itziar Moreno (ALC) along with Ehsan Gulusmearos (UNDP Pakistan) and Javeria Masood (UNDP Pakistan) introduced the  Pakistan Social Innovation Platform fostered by UNDP Pakistan.

During the session, they presented examples of the Social Innovation Platform approach to international development currently being implemented in rural India (Uttar Pradesh) and northern Pakistan (Hushe Valley), making emphasis on how systems innovation mindsets and tools can make a transformative change. These initiatives have been implemented by applying a Social Innovation Platform approach that incorporates: deep listening, sensemaking, co-creation and portfolio enabling.  

The Hushe Valley Platform aims to support innovative & sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by the region’s rural communities.

Key Points

This approach enables to make real systemic change  

Provides new ways of thinking about and working on large-scale, complex problems

There’s not an unique expert mind or total expertise

Deep listening helps us analyze cultural dynamics for system mapping  

In the Hushe Valley, Pakistan, food security is a priority as well as creating sustainable income. UNDP Pakistan and ALC are working closely with local farmers and women with the overarching aspiration of building sustainable production of high quality products such as apricot oil that can be sold as an export products bringing much needed income into the region.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for reflecting and learning about systems innovation!

You can find out more about the platform and its outcomes on The Zano Collective’s recent publication here.