Moving forward in the Social Innovation Platform in Lada and Velilla del Río Carrión

Co-creation session in Velilla del Río Carrión, Palencia

On May 10, the agents of the Social Innovation Platform organized a Co-creation session in Velilla del Río Carrión (Palencia). At the meeting, which was held in person and with local agents, the areas of Food, Tourism and Culture from the portfolio of areas of opportunity identified were discussed. In the coming months we will work collaboratively to define new ideas and create synergies between the identified initiatives.

The session was also accompanied by chefs from Imago Lab, who helped visualize the gastronomic potential of the area and how the promotion of local products is closely linked to tourism and culture. At the same time, they pointed out the opportunity to create a space for experimentation that would respond to the characteristics of the tourist influx in the area and connect local mycology, hazelnuts and beekeeping.

From now on, the objective is to work in other areas of opportunity to continue connecting the initiatives that generate added value to the area.

Langreo Portfolio View

How to achieve the socio-productive transformation of a territory towards a more sustainable model? Building a portfolio of interconnected projects.

The areas of opportunity identified in the fair transition zone of the Nalón Valley, Asturias –Food, energy, training, health, recycling, regulation, financing and green employment– can be viewed in a new graph. In it you can see the direct relationship of each area identified with its definition, as well as its alignment with the profiles and the different levels of impact. The portfolio of initiatives was born as a result of the information obtained from the deep listening and mapping process, and from the different co-creation sessions carried out in the field with local agents.