Colombia – Territorial Development in Aguabonita

Practice Lab

ALCK in partnership with the European Fund for Peace and the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation has accompanied the process of social and economic reintegration of former FARC combatants with an evaluation of the development of existing projects in the department of Caquetá (Aguabonita and Miravalle). Its development included listening elements and collective awareness in order to test social innovation platforms approaches in post-conflict areas, leading to a regional development process in Aguabonita.  

Currently, ALCK is developing a Social Innovation Platform in Aguabonita in collaboration with local partners such as La Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Corporación Manigua, La Cocreadora, who are already collecting and contrasting narratives with the communities in the area (former FARC combatants, peasants, afro-descendant or native community), as well as participants to ensure an adequate interpretation of them and give rise to a laboratory for co-creation of initiatives and projects.

Sector: Peacebuilding

Location: Aguabonita, Colombia

Year 2021