How do UNDP and ALC collaborate? — Social Innovation Platforms

Practice Lab

ALCK collaborates with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the search for new solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Despite the complex and interconnected nature of these goals, currently most initiatives that attempt to address the SDG’s are designed as linear and disconnected projects, with very ineffective results. UNDP in collaboration with ALCK and other international social innovation laboratories, wishes to change this way of working for new approaches built on collective intelligence and open innovation. This collaboration with UNDP is a qualitative and quantitative leap for ALCK as it expands the scope of intervention to the Asian continent and allows us to establish a space for collaboration and learning with the United Nations System.

Our collaboration with UNDP is developed at three levels of action:

  1. GLOBAL. Support to the UNDP Executive Office in New York (ExO) in the change of strategic orientation in innovation and governance. In 2020 Agirre Lehendakaria Center conducted a Country Support Platform (CSP) Assessment with four selected countries (Paraguay, Pakistan, North Macedonia, Somalia) through case studies, allowing the global organisation to work differently and better define its national platform strategy.
  1. REGIONAL. Collaboration with various regional offices for the development of new approaches to territorial development. Agirre Lehendakaria Center has contracts in place with UNDP regional offices in Bangkok (Asia Pacific) and Istanbul (Eurasia) to contribute to SDG localization strategies through the implementation of Social Innovation Platforms.
  1. SUBNACIONAL. Design, implementation and evaluation of a learning community on Social Innovation Platforms. In 2020 Agirre Lehendakaria Center established and coordinated Social Innovation Platforms in Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia (regions transformation), Armenia, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia (cities transformation).