UNDP – Digital Experiments

Practice Lab

Digital narratives are the result of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis of words, sentences and texts that come from streaming and transcribing media articles, radio programs and podcasts, tv interviews, social media, apps, different types of websites (opinion, food markets and other digital shops, housing, culture, etc.) in order to capture the different narratives and approaches to a certain issue. The extraction of shared narratives and values with a multiplied outreach allows us to better identify the challenges and opportunities of a given place, connecting in real time the main goals of the platform with the necessities and perceptions of the people a certain community.

During the hardest confinement periods of the Covid-19 pandemic, ALCK has conducted some experiments on digital listening, while developing a digital visualization tool for these processes in collaboration with Barcelona-based data company Bestiario. 

  1. Monitoring the web in Southern Thailand during the Covid pandemic (Spring 2020). An analysis on perceptions based on news sites, governments, forums, Facebook groups and other Internet sites revealed the change on government perception. In collaboration with Deusto University.
  1. Digital Sensemaking in Southern Thailand. Contrast of identified patterns of narratives in the area with Sensemaker (Summer 2020).
  1. Robocalls in Pakistan’s Hushe Valley (Fall 2020). Analysis on more than 400 homes in an isolated area through recorded robocalls from local leaders, based on ethnographic questions from previous research, over a 7 days period. In collaboration with Deusto University and Viamo.