A programme that works on international cooperation from a new approach, using social innovation platforms that listen to all of the stakeholders involved in bringing about change. The platforms are used for these stakeholders to weave the responses to their needs. The aim of this approach is to re-think the way in which international cooperation projects are carried forward in order to strengthen their impact. It is currently in place in Peru, India and Mozambique. These platforms set out to go beyond one-off projects in order to strengthen the construction of solutions that are integrated into an authentic ecosystem of innovation.

The programme has a virtual classroom that visualises the process carried out by the different platforms in real time in the different phases (listening, co-creation, prototyping), as well as the linking up of the phases and the documentation they generate.


  • To create sustainable and quality employment for women and young people in India, Mozambique and Peru through social innovation platforms.
  • With the support of a network of territorial entities, promote the creation of businesses and access to the labour market for the most disadvantaged groups in those countries.

Locations: Peru, India, Mozambique


ALC’s role:

  • Scientific management based on the social innovation platform approach.
  • Getting the best out of the virtual platform.