Evaluación de espacios de transformación y experimentación promovidos por Climate-KIC

Evaluation in three area (denominados Just Transition Deep Demos) ein which Climate-KIC (a public-private innovation partnership focused on mitigating and adapting to climate change) is supporting transformation processes for regions that aim at zero carbon emissions. In this case, the regions are Silesia in Poland, Emilia Romagna in Italy and Debagoiena in Euskadi.

The evaluation process is done according to the evolution approach: it supports teams from the start and in each phase to understand what is functioning well and what aspects need to be reconsidered to achieve the desired transformation.


  • Analyse what is working in transformation processes, and what elements should be emphasised to bring about the desired transformation.

Location: Debagoiena, Emilia Romagna (Italy), Silesia (Poland)

Partners: Climate-KICARTER (Emilia Romagna), SPIN-US (Silesia), MCM (Silesia)

ALC’s role:

  • Co-design the approach and developmental evaluation tools together with the teams from Climate-KIC and the abovementioned regions.
  • Support the process of collection of information, analysis and adaptation of the approaches in the regions.
  • Facilitate reflection on the transformation process in each of the regions and the connections between them.