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Co-creation session in Prishtina, Kosovo
Documentary Film Agua Bonita Social Innovation Platform
Sensemaking session within the Community Engagement Platform in Palencia (Spain)
ALCk held the second collective interpretation session within the framework of the Community Engagement Platform in Velilla Del Rio Carrión (Palencia, Spain) towards...
Theatre as a new channel to share testimonies and narratives with the community
Video of the documentary theatre “Rumbo Desconocido” - one of the channels to share testimonies and narratives with the community in Getxo.
Pakistan Social Innovation Platform test its first prototypes
The Social Innovation Platform fostered by UNDP Pakistan and Agirre Lehendakaria Center, in collaboration with Baltistan Foundation, started testing the Platform's first...
A High Croatian government Representative visits Euskadi to learn from the Basque experience
First sense making and co-creation sessions in Sant Lluís, Menorca
ALCk collaborates in Sant Lluís (Menorca) to create a space for citizen experimentation that addresses tourist seasonalization  
Sense making sessions in field | Social Innovation Platform in Maldives
In March 2022, the ALCk team visited the Maldives Social Innovation Platform, a project that is being developed together with the UNDP Accelerator Labs in Maldives.   
New Systemic Design Approaches with Dark Matter Labs
Deep Demo in Uruguay
UNDP and ALC  work with a team of Basque and Catalan chefs to create a space for experimentation on the food systems in Uruguay.
Fieldwork with communities in Aguabonita, Colombia
The entities for the Social Innovation Platform of Aguabonita (Corpomanigua, ALC, IEI-PUJ) and the veredas (population districts) involved, met from February 26th to March 2nd in Aguabonita,...
Annual Report
ALC k 2021
In this report you will be able to learn about the initiatives developed in 2021, as well as the approach and process of ALCk towards systemic transformation.