Post Covid-19 Local Food Systems- and related systemic responses to the new world

Publish in Medium. By Gorka Espiau, a Senior Fellow at Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), Itziar Moreno, Programs Lead at ALC and Patrick Duong, UNDP Regional Governance Advisor in Asia and the Pacific.

Since August 2019, UNDP has been working in collaboration with ALC, the Basque Social Innovation Laboratory in Southern Thailand to promote the local food industry and the region’s culinary heritage. In this post we share the story of how we have been developing a Social Innovation Platform that reimagines the current local food system. We have been intentionally utilizing a co-creation process that involves local stakeholders such as restaurant owners, food suppliers, young entrepreneurs and artists to design a wide range of locally relevant and applicable solutions.

Applying a platform approach, instead of a single point linear solution, has provided UNDP with more powerful and resilient tools to respond to a wicked emergency like Covid-19. In this context, the Southern Thai food system and its reinvention represent both a challenge and a fundamental asset in relation to Covid-19. If the current interconnected management, investment and regulatory efforts are successful, Southern Thailand could operate as a global living lab for the reinvention of the current food systems after the pandemic.