Policy & Governance Innovation: Definitions and Examples in the climate space

The purpose of this report is to conceptualise and learn from ‘policy and governance innovation’ efforts – with a particular focus on Southern Europe and on the climate challenge 

This report delineates the contours of such concepts by (i) exploring the practitioner and academic literature, and (ii) analysing a set of cases in Southern Europe where innovations in governance structures and policy design mechanisms have had a positive impact in dealing with climate change. 

The first conclusion after analysing the literature is that there is no established and agreed upon defini- tion of ‘policy and governance innovation’. Elements of such an approach can be found across a diverse set of terms (policy innovation, innovation in government, governance innovations, creative bureaucracies, etc.). These definitions have a clear focus on services and processes, with less attention to key concepts such as user-centric, citizen, systemic change, value and cul- tural changes, co-creation, etc.