ALC has contributed to the “TRANSFORMATION CAPITAL- Systemic Investing for Sustainability” report published by Climate KIC-EIT in which the Basque case stands out as an example of just transformation

According to the report: «The Basque Country is a remarkable case of a region that successfully championed inclusive economic growth. Following the end of the Franco dictatorship and Spain’s subsequent transition towards democracy in the 1970s, the region developed a unique version of a cooperative-led economic model that had made it one of the most prosperous regions in Europe. Its transition was anchored in a strong culture of inclusiveness and social equity and got a boost when the famed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao opened in 1997. Today, however, the Basques must confront a new set of challenges: declining economic competitiveness, an ageing population, and the need to decarbonise its heavily industrialised economy.»