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Como en casa Project

  • Sector: Health and Social Services

Como en Casa project is a project led by the Matia Foundation and the Matia Institute in which ALCk is working on the developmental evaluation process.

Como en Casa has the objective of improving the well-being of people who live in residential centers in Gipuzkoa and Asturias, trying to develop people-centred care. It seeks to promote a model of good care, where comprehensive care is oriented from different dimensions.


This project is carried out in the Spanish regions of Gipuzkoa and Asturias as a pilot, seeking to generate knowledge in relation to aspects of good treatment in daily life, organizational aspects and organizational culture. Likewise, the integration of these residences in their community environment will be sought.


ALCk works on the developmental evaluation of the process, with the intention of evaluating the process itself in real time and seeking solutions to problems or situations that may be found along the way and adapting the intervention to these opportunities that arise. This evaluation also allows co-creating initiatives according to the reality of each center and territory, or scaling up successful ones to broader scenarios. Likewise, it seeks to generate evidence that supports progress towards people-centered solutions.