Project: Mi casa, una vida en

Mi Casa: Una Vida en Comunidad, project led by Plena Inclusión, with the collaboration of various local entities. ALC carries out the developmental evaluation of the process.

Mi Casa aims for a change in the way of understanding care in relation to people with DID, supporting deinstitutionalization in this process, thus enabling good lives in their community environments of reference.


The project focuses on two fundamental keys: good support and good communities. Good support is focused on the life goals defined by each person with DID and provided in their environment, and Good communities are local enhancers of diversity, defenders of rights from a collective responsibility, who care, welcome and are accessible, offering support so that all people are visible and can contribute.


The project supports transition processes from institutionalized life to the desired life in the community, designed in phases and according to needs. For this, special emphasis is placed on local community development, co-produced by people and organizations from neighborhoods, towns and cities, identifying local needs that concern the entire community, and building social innovation responses to solve challenges in each territory collectively.


ALCk carries out the developmental evaluation of the process in six territories, which allows the inclusion of internal and external changes and adjustments in the experimentation process in real time, based on the perceptions and barriers identified among the agents involved in the Mi Casa project. Likewise, it allows to generate learnings about the way in which these deinstitutionalization processes can be developed and provides new tools in terms of social innovation to the role of community connector, the figure in charge of carrying out the bridging work with local communities.


This work as an evaluator translates into two general blocks: ALCk supports the process of co-creation of the role of the community connector and accompanies 6 community connectors who are working on the ground.

Co-creation of the role of the community connector

One of the great innovations proposed by Mi Casa: A life in community is the creation of the role of the community connector. This is an experimental process where we co-create this figure collectively by various professionals in the sector (care workers of the implementing entities, public and private services, facilitators, among others). The figure of the connector in the field of social services is being prototyped for the first time through the implementation of this project. Its main task is to ensure that people with DID are connected to their community, as well as to strengthen the ties of the community with each other.


ALCk accompanies this innovative testing process and is part of the listen and co-creation process, together with the community connectors of the project.