Aguabonita Platform

  • Sector: Territorial development, Peacebuilding, Food System
  • Country: Colombia

Multidisciplinary work in collaboration with the Manigua Corporation and the Institute of Intercultural Studies (IEI) - Universidad Pontifica Javeriana de Cali, and Agirre Lehendakaria Center.

This project is articulated within the framework of peace agreements in Colombia, where the Basque Government undertook to support a Territorial Development project whose objective was the implementation of an Open Innovation Platform in the Department of Caquetá that would stimulate development territory of the area, and support the connection of initiatives in addition to generating new initiatives of entrepreneurship and social transformation that promote the process of reincorporation of the ex-combatant community.

Profiles and Narratives
Juan Pablo
Nixon Armando
Impact Levels
  • Community actions2
  • string(7) "0.00000" string(15) "#5CA897 0.00000"
  • Small and mid scale initiatives16
  • string(7) "8.69565" string(49) "#5CA897 0.00000%,#5CA897 8.69465%,#59747F 8.69565"
  • Large scale initiatives5
  • string(8) "78.26087" string(85) "#5CA897 0.00000%,#5CA897 8.69465%,#59747F 8.69565%,#59747F 78.25987%,#C38482 78.26087"
  • New public services0
  • string(9) "100.00000" string(122) "#5CA897 0.00000%,#5CA897 8.69465%,#59747F 8.69565%,#59747F 78.25987%,#C38482 78.26087%,#C38482 99.99900%,#EC5D65 100.00000"
  • New regulation mechanisms0
  • string(9) "100.00000" string(159) "#5CA897 0.00000%,#5CA897 8.69465%,#59747F 8.69565%,#59747F 78.25987%,#C38482 78.26087%,#C38482 99.99900%,#EC5D65 100.00000%,#EC5D65 99.99900%,#A73E7D 100.00000"
JobEx-combatant/Village Leader
Key narrative

Despite the difficulties, Aguabonita moves on

Key narrative

It is not convenient that we are well connected to be competitive

Key narrative

Community and institutional development happens because women are part of the processes

NameJuan Pablo
JobProgram Technical Advisor
Key narrative

We have to think of the whole. As a whole, the projects contribute organic development to the territory and the community

Key narrative

If we combine people's wisdom with training and help, we can get ahead

NameNixon Armando
Key narrative

If we continue living day to day we will always be poor

Key narrative

Women work twice as hard: we take care of the house and other tasks

Key narrative

A collective process is the only way but each member of the community should have a role

This project, whose main beneficiary community is mostly concentrated, an ex-combatant community in the process of reincorporation and a peasant community, began its implementation in the village of Aguabonita, also known as the Population Center of Aguabonita II or EX-AETCR Héctor Ramírez, and its five neighboring villages (villages Cedro, Cedrito, Morros, Juntas and Aguabonita I) in January 2021, thanks to the coordinated work of a multidisciplinary work team made up of the Manigua Corporation and the Institute of Intercultural Studies (IEI) - Pontifical Javeriana University of Cali.

The portfolio consists of a total of 23 initiatives in the implementation phase that respond directly to the deep needs and perceptions of the communities, identified through a process of community listening and collaborative contrast spaces, in which a diverse ecosystem of actors has participated, including institutions, ex-combatants, victims, communities, women and youth groups. 


The initiatives have a triple objective:
1. Economic development
2. Community development
3. Peacebuilding



The portfolio of initiatives operates mainly in the following areas of intervention:

Reinforcement of the cooperative activity of the reincorporated community, which is mainly concentrated in the Aguabonita II area and in close collaboration with the COOMBUVIPAC cooperative (Cooperativa para el buen vivir y la paz del Caquetá) in relation to 6 main productive lines and direct work with the rest of the areas (Aguabonita I, Juntas, Morros, El Cedro and Cedritos).

This work approach has allowed the project to build relationships of trust with the community and, consequently, a greater degree of feedback and adaptation in the implementation phase. The activities carried out in recent months show how the collective is capable of jointly analyzing challenges and weaknesses and identifying strengths and alternatives to overcome them.


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