Rapid Listening Process

UNDP Governance

What are the new tools, processes and incentives to support national governments, corporates and civil society organizations in achieving the SDGs? What is the new business model associated with this new role?

This rapid listening process suggests that UNDP can build on its Governance, Human Rights, Conflict Prevention and Rule of Law knowledge to implement the new integration role.

The participatory analysis, collective interpretation and co-creation of new integrated SDG solutions require a rights based analysis, deliberative processes that positively manage conflict and “Rule of Law” guided experimentation.

UNDP should also take advantage of its unique positioning to codesign “People centered Portfolios” in collaboration with governments, corporates and civil society organisations, instead of simply gathering existing actions without a deeper connection with the local context. In order to take these ideas into practice, a “Governance Community of Early Adopters” could bring together UNDP´s Country Offices, Governments, Donors and External Partners to experiment with new integration tools.