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Our systemic approach allows us to work in an open, collaborative manner that is sustained over time. Indeed, it drives us to co-design, implement and evaluate Open Innovation Platforms for Systems Transformation.

The cultural dimension of innovation

ALCk fosters Social Innovation Platforms that are built on deep community listening processes.

This process allows to co-create People Powered Portfolios.


Our primary objective is to apply the lessons learnt from our research on systems transformation

to address complex challenges that society faces today.

Our Social Innovation Framework

Systems Mapping

Mapping is the compendium of information on key initiatives and agents operating in the territory. That is, knowledge about the general ecosystem of the region and also of the strengths and weaknesses of the current connection of existing projects.

Listening & Collective interpretation spaces 

​A deeper understanding of local dynamics requires a strategy of deep community listening. This process includes a set of qualitative tools that, complemented by quantitative data, can unravel a community's narratives and reveal in depth its needs, challenges and opportunities. The analysis of the narratives and key ideas are validated in deliberative and sensemaking spaces with local agents


Being an experimentation process, the platform allows the design of spaces for co-creation and co-design of specific responses that can complement and improve existing initiatives/projects. The set of existing initiatives and the new ideas that emerge allow generating the necessary knowledge to build new processes of social innovation in the territory.

Experimentation at 5 levels of impact

Complex social problems require an approach with a multidimensional scale and level. Therefore, projects must be integrated and conceptualized as an interconnected portfolio at 5 levels: (i) community innovation, (ii) support for start-ups, (iii) large-scale public-private partnerships, (iv) redesign of public services and (v) new regulations. As with co-creation and prototyping practices, this novel portfolio approach also requires new capabilities to design, manage and evaluate the interconnected and integrated set of projects with a holistic view.