Agua Bonita Film Documentary. Social Innovation Platform.


The Agua Bonita Open Platform for Social Innovation is a multidisciplinary project with the Manigua Corporation and the Institute of Intercultural Studies (IEI) - Universidad Pontificia Javeriana de Cali, and Agirre Lehendakaria Center, in the villages that surround the municipality of La Montañita, in the Caqueta, Colombia.


Since the signing of the peace agreements and with the installation of the Héctor Ramírez Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space, territorial development processes have been developed with the support of different local and international agents, NGOs, academic entities, cooperatives and companies of the place that seek to co-create, together with the communities of the rural nucleus, a territory of peace. ALCk work has focused on supporting the connection and generation of new social transformation initiatives that promote the reincorporation process of the ex-combatant community.


This documentary film presents the implementation process in the village of Aguabonita, also known as Centro Poblado de Aguabonita II or EX-AETCR Héctor Ramírez, and its five surrounding villages (Cedro, Cedrito, Morros, Juntas and Aguabonita I villages).

Learn about the stories and all voices that make up the Agua Bonita Social Innovation Platform, here: plataformaaguabonita.com