ALC participates in the Plataforma de Innovación Abierta (Open Innovation Platform)created by Iberdrola to encourage a just energy transition

Iberdrola, the Centro de Innovación en Tecnologías para el desarrollo humano de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid(itdUPM) and Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) have created a Plataforma of Innovación Abierta which promotes collaboration between citizens, public organizations and businesses to encourage a just energy transition in regions which are having to adapt to the closing of coal power plants. 

Started in January of 2023, the process is entering its fourth phase with the goal of testing 
identified initiatives from portfolios, nurturing participants’ communities, and carrying out the goals established through community listening in both regions.

At the same time the three organizations are working toward evaluating the process by way of a series of impact indicators and collective agreements. 

This June the implementation process ended and a community feedback event was planned for July 5th in Madrid with the objective of sharing lessons from the Lada and Velilla platform projects, supporting the conversation surrounding just transitions at the state and European level, and positioning the platform’s results within the area of broader energy transitions. 

Some quotes

 "Thanks to the platform, more people have joined the Palencia Business Association and I have gone from knowing almost all the businesspeople in the northern area to knowing a few."


"Decontaminating the industrial land is a great challenge, but the biggest and most important challenge is to decontaminate our mentality."


"Yes, there is a certain degree of responsibility for Iberdrola within the region but reducing it only to that is a mistake because then you become captive to a third party."

LADA (ML2306)

"I believe that the platform has served to bring a multitude of shortcomings into view. The greatest success it has had is that it was brought up in a territory in which they are operating and are responsible, like the authors of their development."


"All I see is that there is a belief that diversification and reconversion is possible." 


"The platform contributed in giving and generating many ideas and understanding that it may be possible to establish companies here."


"People are realizing the importance of attracting companies and not just focusing on public issues" 


"With the platform there is a change in perception--people start to believe that things can be done. Also seeing that things can be done to attract projects and companies to settle in these areas"


Comic about the process in Langreo